Saturday, September 4, 2010

the best of 2010, from my perspective, thus far:



The Switch (believe it or not)

Toy Story 3




I still have to see Solitary Man, Please Give, Get Him To The Greek, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Book of Eli, The Kids Are Alright, & How To Train Your Dragon.

I also have hopes for The Town, Howl, It's Kind of A Funny Story, The Social Network, Hereafter (Clinty!), The Company Men (schmaltzy, probably, but I almost cried at the trailer so I will probably turn to putty despite the sight of Ben Affleck's chin), Red, Conviction, The Tempest, How Do You Know (Owen Wilson! glad to see you playing a human being again), Black Swan, True Grit, Blue Valentine, Morning Glory, Due Date, The King's Speech, Country Strong, SOMEWHERE.

The Romantics and Don't Let Me Go also look promising, but I find their respective leads unsavory. Keira Knightley bleh.


  1. I was going to see Scott Pilgrim last week but my theatre stopped playing it. And I didn't feel like going down to Conroe.

    May I ask what you liked about the Switch? I saw the preview and read some reviews and I was like...three dollars could buy me three bags of M&Ms which sounds infinitely more enjoyable than that. But I've been craving to go see /something/ at the theatres so...

    I really want to see Don't Let Me Go because it has Doctor Who peeps in it (Carey Mulligan who, I think, is brilliant and Andrew Garfield...who spent most of his time being a half pig/person so really, I guess his Doctor Who status just earns him major bonus points).

    I'm not familiar with the movies in your Hopes list, other than Black Swan. Which I'm really hoping will be completely awesome.

  2. Actually it's true, Carey Mulligan is fantastic and adorable but I just don't know if her presence is enough to overcome Knightley. The girl just exhausts me.

  3. and The Switch: yeah, i know, when i first heard the premise it kind of made me sick, actually, and there are lame moments in it, but there's something really fresh about the movie, and especially about Jason Bateman. He's a fully dimensional guy as opposed to the "best friend" characters who are cynical or hypochondriacs- he really transcends that, and I felt like their relationship was very real. The "antagonists" issues were also very real. Well, as real as they can manage in a big studio movie. There's a scene where Bateman and Aniston are talking about the past in a believable way- not explaining anything to the audience or being gimmicky- and I thought, aha! Realism in a shiny place, that's nice.

    Plus JB and Jeff Goldblum have some killer lines. You may not like it as much as I did, I think your romcom standards may be higher than mine, but I will say it's definitely infinitely better than any romcom I've seen in a long time. I can't think of the last great one I've seen, actually...